Presented in Partnership with Spectrum Health Medical Group Neurosciences

Chapter 2 The Science of Music

October 6, 2013 - 7pm at Fountain Street Church

Eventbrite - Power of Music: Chapter 2 - The Science of Music with Dr. Aniruddh Patel

Music, like speech, is a product of both our biologies and our social interactions. In the second chapter of Power of Music, we will present a multi‐faceted evening exploring cutting‐edge research into why and how music affects our minds and bodies,from being a necessary and integral dimension of human development to it's dawning use as a therapeutic aid.

Ani_Patel_300px The neuroscience of music is the focus of considerable new research. Recent developments in imaging technologies have allowed scientists to make giant steps in their understanding of how music works in the human brain. Authors such as Daniel Levitin and Oliver Sacks have written best‐selling books on the topic. Eminent neuro-psychologist Aniruddh Patel will report in from the frontiers of knowledge to explain music’s effects on us. Hailed by Oliver Sacks and the journal Nature as one of the leading scholar in this area, Dr. Patel's discussion of the mind / music connection will fascinate you.

In addition we will hear about music that changes your health with music therapists Sister Mary Margaret Delaski and Peter Muskiewicz. From the application of music therapy to help memory impaired nursing home patients, to it's being very dramatically and successfully used in the treatment of both autism spectrum disorders and Alzheimer’s disease.

Music is a very special key to open and help our minds, bodies and emotions. Come learn more about this amazing relationship .