Chapter 3 Crossing Boundaries: Seeing the World Through Music

November 17, 2013 - 7pm Lecture at Fountain Street Church

Bonus Event! - November 16, 2013 - 7:30pm at Fountain Street Church

FREE Concert by Chris Eckman in a rare US appearance. See details below.

Eventbrite - Power of Music: Chapter 3 - Crossing Boundaries w/ Chris Eckman

Explorers and world travelers find musical connections making the world smaller and our souls larger. Music means different things in different cultures but it is a powerful force everywhere, leading listeners into greater understanding of themselves and others. Think of jazz’s reach across the racial divide in the United States and then radiating out to other parts of the world. And then consider the popularity of fusion music – pick any two musical genres and put them together and you can probably find a band playing the result from Afro‐Pop to Zydesoul. Music has an unmatched ability to bridge gaps of religion, race and ethnicity and help audiences from different backgrounds see the roots they share.

Join us at the third chapter of the Power of Music as we meet Musician and Record Producer Chris Eckman, who is practically the embodiment of the idea of discovering and bridging different worlds through music. He will discuss how music was his compass, taking him from the culture of the rock world in Seattle to that of the Tuareg tribes in the deserts of Africa, and the commonality and contrasts he has found along the way. A founding member of The Walkabouts, a band fusing American folk influences with rock during the Seattle alternative music explosion ("Grunge"), Chris now lives in Europe running his new World Music record label Glitterbeat which is garnering strong musical press and fan attention.

In addition, he will be joined by special musical guests, Afro-Cuban band Grupo Aye, to help us hear the sound of these new worlds as they collide and combine into exciting new forms.

FREE Concert with Chris Eckman
November 16 - 7:30pm - Fountain Street Church

Join us for a rare US concert appearance by Chris Eckman. A distinguished craftsman in songwriting, his performance will include selections from his newly released solo album Harney County in the incredible setting and acoustics of Fountain Street Church. REGISTER FOR FREE CONCERT TICKETS HERE